How does Scribe work with my sequencing tools(like Outreach, Mailshake, Saleshandy, Mixmax etc)
added by Rutika Muchhala Aug 13, 2018 in How It Works

Scribe works best for your Outbound sales process. You can set up your outbound email campaigns on any of the sequencing tools and choose to receive those sales conversations on Slack. 

Case 1: Incase you have a generic inbox and want to receive only the replies to your cold emails, then follow the steps below:

1. Sign up to Scribe with same Email ID that you have used to set up your campaigns

2. Choose "Emails with ScribeManaged label" on your emails settings on Slack during onboarding

3. In your Gmail inbox, filter and label all your cold email campaigns as ScribeManaged. You can use their specific subject lines to filter them. 

Refer the GIF to know how to filter and label

Case 2: If you have a CRM where you've uploaded all the leads that you have sent the cold emails to, then you can connect your CRM to Scribe after choosing "Emails from CRM Leads" on Slack in your email settings 

You can always change your email settings on Slack by using the command @scribe settings. 

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