How to choose what emails to receive in Slack
added by Rutika Muchhala Aug 9, 2018 in How It Works

Scribe allows you to have a control on what emails you'd like to see on Slack. Following are the 3 options that you can choose from. 

All Emails: This brings all your emails on Slack. If you have chosen a Sales inbox, it is ideal to choose this option as there will only be relevant emails. 

If you have chosen your personal inbox, which might contain marketing, sales, and another business emails, then this might not be an ideal option for you. 

Emails from CRM Leads( when your inbox is not a sales inbox ): When you choose this, you will receive only the emails that are from your leads present in your CRM. You can directly integrate your CRM from Slack when you choose this option. We have native integration with Salesforce and you cannoect all other CRMs using Zapier. 

Emails from Scribe Managed Label(when your inbox is not a sales inbox): This allows you to receive only the email replies to your outbound email campaigns. You can set up the filter to label all your outbound emails as ScibeManaged in your Gmail Inbox. This way you can eliminate all the unimportant emails from Slack.

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